An estimated 170,000 Kentuckians with felonies in their past got back their right to vote through Gov. Andy Beshear’s executive action last December. The problem is, no one has told them they can register and vote.

The Kentucky Democracy Project is a new effort to register, educate and mobilize tens of thousands of Kentucky voters, particularly people with felonies in their past, and get people out to vote.

“We’re dedicated to reaching the 170,000 Kentuckians who got their right to vote back through Governor Beshear’s December 2019 Executive Action and spreading the word about the 2020 election process to make sure people know how to cast their vote through the mail or by voting in person early,” said Debbie Graner of Frankfort, a leader in the effort. “The voices and efforts of people with felonies in their past are especially important to this campaign.”

Republicans Fight With Beshear Over Adoption LGBTQ Discrimination Clause
North Kentucky Tribune, Ryland BurtonMay 18, 2021

Kentucky Republicans are calling on Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear to renew a contract with a Baptist foster care and adoption organization that views homosexuality as sinful.

Sunrise Children’s Services, which has worked with the state since the 1970s, refused to sign a new contract earlier this year because of a clause that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Kentucky’s five Republican constitutional officers sent a letter urging Beshear’s health cabinet to reinstate the contract without such a clause, arguing that the state was coercing the organization to violate its religious beliefs.